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What is the T-Cube Web Interface?

T-Cube (Time Series Cube) is an in-memory data structure designed to drastically improve the response time to ad-hoc time series queries against large datasets.

It has been tested on both synthetic and real world data containing millions of records (e.g., emergency room patient visits, pharmacy sales). The results indicate that T-Cube responds to complex queries about 1,000 times faster as compared to the state-of-the-art commercial time series extraction tools.

This speed-up has two main benefits:

The T-Cube data structure already proved to be useful in bio-surveillance, in food and agriculture safety monitoring, and in detection of emerging patterns of failures in maintenance and supply management systems.

How good is the T-Cube Web Interface?

You may test the response time of T-Cube Web Interface to complex time series queries by uploading your data file (or a sample one) in the Data Analysis section.

Additionally, there is a Tutorial section that provides detailed information on how to use the interface.

In case you would like to give us some feedback on the T-Cube Interface, you may do so in the Feedback section.